When Should I Replace My Deck?

Deciding when the best time to replace your deck can be a daunting issue for homeowners. However, knowing when to replace your deck is crucial in order to avoid costly damage. Notably, decks are exposed to the sun and multiple weather conditions, so they begin to deteriorate with time. With that being said, a typical wooden deck generally lasts between 15-30 years (dependent on frequent maintenance), while composite decks last upwards of 25-30 years. The length of time that different decks will last entirely depends on how it is installed, what materials are used for the deck, and what weather the deck will have to endure throughout its lifetime. 

First, if you notice significant damage to your deck, such as large holes, signs of termites, or split boards, it’s in your best interest to look into replacing your deck. Another important thing to look out for when deciding if you need to replace your deck is wood rot (if your deck is made from wood rather than composite). Wood rot is decayed wood caused by moisture and fungi, which severely weakens the integrity of your deck. Unfortunately, there are multiple forms of wood rot to watch out for, including brown rot, white rot, and soft rot. If your current deck has wood rot, then it’s time to replace it. When needing a deck replacement, it’s incredibly important to select a reliable, trustworthy contractor like Solid Ground to ensure you get the most out of your money and new deck. Not only will our deck builders install your new deck, but they’ll also work with you and draw the perfect plans for your deck.

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