Does A New Deck Add Value To A House?

Yes, adding a new deck to a house increases the value of the home. In fact, building a new deck as an addition to a house gives one of the highest returns on investments of any home renovation. In general, homeowners can expect to make back nearly 65% of the cost of building a new composite deck when it comes time to sell the home, however, in some cases, homeowners see a complete return on their investment. When comparing home renovations with one another, neither bathroom nor kitchen renovations give as much return on investment as a new deck build on average. For those thinking of selling their home within the next couple of years, adding a new composite deck may be a wise decision because homeowners can enjoy the wonders of their deck for some years before selling their home and getting that return on investment.

At Solid Ground, we work with some of the best composite decking materials. This is because composite decks:

  • last much longer than wood decks
  • require less maintenance (or little at all)
  • look cleaner and nicer than wood after time

While wood is prone to chipping, rotting, or breaking, composite decks are virtually impervious to harsh weather conditions. When thinking about adding a new deck to your home, it may be most wise to consider going with composite decking, especially if you live in an area with all four seasons throughout the year. Doing so will ensure the most out of your deck in terms of ROI and longevity. After deciding on your new deck, don’t hesitate to reach out to Solid Ground, where we’ll make your deck vision a reality. 

A view of a high deck and the patio below.